How do we ensure the high quality of our projects?

Quality Management is a very important part of our daily work as we want to make sure that every project that is registered on our website matches the high platform standards and is a trustworthy and reliable partner. To achieve this, we have have come up with a four-step process that guarantees the ongoing high quality of our projects. 


Background check while registration

Before a social project gets to join our platform, we conduct extensive research about its background, the social impact and the experiences of former volunteers. At the same time, we check the existing blacklists for social projects that are under suspicion of abuse. 


Quality Check of each single program
If a social project passes the first step, we inspect every single volunteer program that the project offers and pay special attention to the ethical aspects that are concerned. Only the volunteer programs that match our ethical standards will be displayed on our website and thus made accessible for volunteers.


Cooperation with protective associations
To ensure our platform ethics and be able to react to recent developments, we work closely with various organisations for animal welfare or child advocacy. This helps us to achieve an ongoing assurance that the projects we feature satisfy global ethical standards.


Volunteer reviews from the field
Lastly, we also place a great value on the experiences, that former volunteers have made when working with the social project. We ask them to give us a detailed review of their stay where they can include all the aspects that matter for them. This is a great way to make sure that all the afore-mentioned ethics are really put into action. On top of that, the reviews can be a great help for future volunteers, who are unsure whether or not to join a specific social project.



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