How to share documents during the application process?

If you want to share documents with a volunteer, you can do so if the volunteer has already started the application process for your program. Please make sure that you always stick to our Do's and Don'ts of Communication and you do not share contact details within your documents.

 To share documents with a volunteer, follow these steps:

1. Click on the application details and on the left you will see the section “Documents”.



2. Click on “Add Files” and then “Browse” to select the files you want to upload. (doc, docx, pdf)



3. You can give the documents a name and then click “Start upload”.



4. You will then find your file in the document section, accessible for the volunteer.

5. Please write a message to the volunteer to inform him that you uploaded documents.

Info: We are currently working on a technical solution in order to share documents in the messaging system even before a volunteer has applied.

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