Platform Service

Our aim at Volunteer World is to create an easy and safe way for volunteers to communicate with and apply to social projects worldwide. Our platform allows you to compare hundreds of programs by location, interest and budget, as some projects may charge fees for board and lodging. With this system we significantly simplify the search and the application process for you.


Your advantages

Easy and transparent process 
We make sure that everything we do is designed to make each and every application as easy as possible. Our platform makes it easy to find and compare volunteer programs. Furthermore, it brings transparency into the whole process by providing volunteers with detailed information about the program and a breakdown of the fees (if charged by the organisation).

Quality assurance
Our quality assurance process assures that our partner organisations around the world and their programs only get featured on Volunteer World if they meet our platform standards. Furthermore, we take feedback from former volunteers very seriously. If a former volunteer reports any issues with a program we carefully check it and do not longer feature it on our site if necessary.

It is part of our mission to provide volunteers with all the information they need to be prepared for their volunteering experience. Having realistic expectations and being well informed about what volunteering means is important to make it a mutually beneficial and responsible activity.

Resolution Support
Our Resolution Support is there to help you with any problems before and during your journey.

Flex Option
Our Flex Option offers you the possibility to use your paid deposit for a different program if you want or need to switch.

Refund Guarantee
Our Refund Guarantee ensures that you to get your money back in the event of a cancellation by the organisation.

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