How Does the Application System Work?

We have created an easy-to-use technical infrastructure. You can add all your volunteer programs to our platform within a few easy steps.


After you have successfully registered your organisation, you can start reaching volunteers globally.

The first step is to create a social project. Click here to see how it is done

Once it is complete, you can start adding a volunteer program. Wondering how to do that? Read more here!

Once the volunteer programs have been approved they will be published on our site. The volunteers will be able to apply to the specific programs.

After you have sent a request to get published, our community managers will review your volunteer program. How you I request publication?


What is next after receiving an application?

Based on the application details that you can see in the overview, you can decide whether you would like to welcome the volunteer to your program site.

You can access all applications in your organisation account for an overview. All applications include the following features

  • Volunteer Details (Photo, name, age, gender, nationality, profession etc)
  • Message function to communicate with the volunteer
  • Overview of the desired duration, program fees and what payments have already been made (if apply)
  • Upload area where you and the volunteer can upload documents such as application forms or CVs

This way you can see all important application details online and at one glance. You will always be automatically notified via email when you receive applications, messages or payments. This way you will be able to keep your current application process to recruit new committed volunteers.  

If you would like to more about them or ask questions, you can easily get in touch with the volunteer using the private message function in the application overview. Just click "Contact Volunteer" and they will be able to receive your messages. It is important to get send the volunteers messages throughout the application process.

Volunteers appreciate personalised messages. Be sure to include some details about your social project, its goals and how excited to are that they would like to join your project.


Once you have decided to accept the application, you will need to send them an offer.


Sending an offer = Accepting the application

The offer contains all relevant information about the volunteer placement. It states the duration, fees & payment details. Click here to read more about how it is done 

In case some details change you can always adapt the offer. But only as long the volunteer has not paid the deposit. Here is an example: The volunteer needs to change their starting date. You can click "Change Offer" in the application overview and enter the new dates. You can also adapt the program fees if necessary. Click here to read how it is done


To reserve their volunteer spot, the volunteer will pay the deposit. This makes it official - the volunteer will come and support your great project. As I previously mentioned you can choose different payment options (PayPal or Custom). This will influence how the application process continues.

Once the deposit is paid the volunteer will still need to pay the final fees. Either via PayPal or your preferred payment method.


Now that everything is official you can go ahead and arrange accommodation, flight details etc with the volunteer.

Everything can be discussed using the private message function. In case you need to exchange documents you can use the upload function in the application overview.


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