How can I raise funds to volunteer?

Volunteers who are eager to start volunteering abroad, are often faced with the question “How do I fund my volunteer experience?” There are a couple of ways to gather the necessary funds in order to pay the fees that accompany volunteer programs. One possibility is this:

Volunteer World is working together with FundMyTravel, an online crowd-funding platform that was specifically developed to suit the needs of individuals desiring to study or volunteer abroad. You can create a profile and attract donors that want to support you! What is more, you can spread your reach globally as the link to the platform gives everyone access to make a donation.

To state your cause successfully, you should provide as much information about you as possible. I suggest listing your hopes, goals and wishes for your volunteer journey. Please make sure that people can see the reasons why you want to volunteer and what you aim to achieve during your experience. This helps to convey your sincerity and passion for your adventure so that donors are attracted to supporting you with their money.

You are then able to share your profile link with friends, family and the global community. This will help you raise awareness and hopefully give you the financial support to start volunteering abroad.

To start fundraising, you just need to follow the 4 steps:

  1. Click here to get to the FundMyTravel page>>
  2. Create Profile: Let the world know why you are a traveller.
  3. Create Campaign: Add a video or photo to tell your story and attract more donors.
  4. Share Campaign: Invite family and friends by sharing through social media networks.
  5. Collect Funds: Secure payment system lets you collect donations in real-time.


Best of luck!

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