How do I add a volunteer program?

To add a volunteer program, follow the steps below:

1. Login in to your Volunteer World account.

2. Please click on "Volunteer Programs" in the top menu. 

3. On the left, you can find an overview of your social projects. Click on the plus symbol next to a social project.

4. Now you can add a new volunteer program and start filling in your program details.


5. Don't forget to "Request Publication" for every new volunteer program. 

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    Necesita ayuda para colgar información de COAGRO

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    Elc Bajo Lontara

    I'm Madi from Luwu, South Sulawesi Indonesia. I am an English teacher in a local school. Why I'm here now... I love teaching and my goal is to help people in my local area be able to speak English. I am also an organic farmer, and doing some recycling that's way I need your help to share what you can. I'm a big believer in "think globally, act locally".
    I'm looking for volunteers excited to help local people learning English in my local students to improve their language skills.
    it's about being a partner in speaking practice.
    I can offer:
    accommodation in a private room next to my house and meal 3 times a day. I would also like to invite you to visit government schools in the mornings, where you can help me by talking with students there and promoting my after-school English program.
    You can learn some of the local languages. I speak English, Bahasa Indonesia and buginese.
    For transportation, I have a motorcycle and bicycle
    I can show you the culture in my local area (and let me tell you something... the people here are nice and really respect the guest who come from abroad. You will feel like a superstar here).
    Luwu is a district surrounded by a region, in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, about 300 km from Makassar City. The landscape is very beautiful, filled with rice fields and mountains (it's truly Asia). We are near Pannori Beach and a long, but doable drive from Buntu Matabbing beach. They are both very natural beaches with not too much tourism. Luwu has a lot of beautiful places I'm sure you will enjoy.
    It's easy to reach Belopa Luwu. It's located 60 km from Palopo City. There are buses running frequently coming to Belopa Luwu If you need more detailed instructions for transportation, feel free to contact me.
    (note: each guest donates an English book)

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