Do's and Don'ts of Communication

Volunteer World was created to provide an independent platform for volunteers & social  projects. In order to provide a safe service to all members it is important that you follow some basic communication guidelines:


Be Clear & Direct

Be Respectful

Be aware of cultural differences


Send messages that are at odds with the aims of Volunteer World

Do not send messages that contain offensive language 

Arrange booking outside off Volunteer World

All legitimate applications have to take place through our application system. If you receive a message asking you to contact them off-site to arrange details, please report it immediately.

For your own safety communicate only through the Volunteer World platform. It is vital that all communication happens on the platform, as otherwise we have no record of it. This will make it is almost impossible for us to assist you. Learn more about our application system to understand how it works.

To keep your account secure, be cautious of strange links in messages from other users, even ones you know, as their accounts may have been compromised.

If you suspect that you have received a phishing message, immediately report it to and end communication with the sender.

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