Do's and Don'ts of Communication

In order to provide a safe service to all members it is important that you follow some basic communication guidelines:


  • Do not share contact details until the final reservation is done
  • Do not arrange booking outside off Volunteer World
  • Do not send messages that contain offensive language 


  • Be Clear & Direct
  • Be Respectful
  • Be aware of cultural differences

We really rely on trustworthy relationships as our business only succeeds, if our partners receive volunteers through Volunteer World.

Volunteer World aims to provide the best possible exposure for social projects. With this purpose we have developed a easy to use technical infrastructure that helps social projects to effectively communicate their programs to the volunteer community. Further, registered social projects receive additional exposure on our social media platforms and global marketing campaigns.

If you attempt to ask volunteers to contact you off-site to arrange booking and payment details, we cannot build a mutually beneficial relationship. Repeated offence against our Terms & Conditions will, unfortunately, lead to a permanent exclusion from our platform.

Arranging applications off site is considered a violation against our Terms & Conditions. All legitimate applications must take place on site within the Volunteer World application system.

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