How can I copy/replicate my programs?

Yes! You have more volunteer programs for one project and a lot of information like accommodation, the project area and the free time activities are the same? No problem!

Please be prepared that you have to add and change all the necessary information for your new volunteer program. Morever you can only replicate a volunteer program that is already approved by our community manager.

 Just follow the following step and replicate your volunteer program:

1. Login on to your Volunteer World account. 

2. Click on "Volunteer Program" on the top menu. 

3. Choose the volunteer program you would like to replicate, click on "Action" and choose "Create a copy of this Volunteer Program".

4. Please change all Basic Information and click on "Update the Volunteer Program"

4. Now please add and change all necessary information for your new volunteer program in every step. 

5. Don't forget to request approval for every new volunteer program, otherwise our volunteers won't be able to find it



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